Business Starter Package

Please provide us with information about you and your business. You are not obligated to fill out all the options. However, the more information you give us, the better our Business Starter Package can serve your needs.

Some Business Starter Package Case Studies

Helot Company

Helot Company helps property owners make the most of their real estate investments. They do this by blending traditional property management with modern and digital trends like gig & sharing economies, financial technology, and interactive communication.

The people at Helot came to Macaulay Gidado wanting to kick start their entire company online. We immediately knew that what they needed was the Business Starter Package. So far, we have helped Helot:

  • Take care of their branding. This included creating branding assets like their logo, business card, letterhead, merchandise designs, and branding style guide.
  • Build the Helot Company website. This included everything from copywriting to web development. The result is an informative website where users can find pertinent information about Helot Company and its products.
  • Develop a series of intuitive landing pages. The landing pages were strategically designed to promote a number of key Helot Company products. They also work hand-in-hand with certain marketing campaigns for better conversation.
  • Set up on top social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Macaulay Gidado even supplied social branding assets like unique cover and display images. We also offered recommendation as regards Helot Company’s social media strategy.
  • Make software recommendations for streamlining Helot Company processes. Macaulay Gidado also helped Helot set up the recommended software.

Helot Company was so happy with the results we delivered that they also commissioned Macaulay Gidado to develop a working content strategy and produce informative blog posts discussing various aspects of the vacation rental market. To mention but a few, take a look the blog posts below.


SchoolRunna is a children’s ride service helping busy Nigerian parents get their children from Point A to Point B within Abuja.

Our partnership with SchoolRunna began as a landing page development gig. But soon it became obvious that SchoolRunna needed much more than that. That is, if they were going to successfully build their brand online. We made thoughtful recommendations. They accepted. And we ended up offering them the entire Business Starter Package plus much, much more.

  • Logo and business card designs
  • Web and branding copy
  • Website design and development
  • Social media assets
  • And business tech recommendations.

SchoolRunna also needed a set of five blog posts to kick start their company blog and push their search ranking up a notch. Below are some of the blog post we have delivered so far.