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Some Case Studies


SchoolRunna is a children’s ride service helping busy Nigerian parents get their children from Point A to Point B within Abuja. They needed a set of five blog posts to kick start their company blog and push their search ranking up a notch.

We discussed with them, did our research, and came up with juicy topics relevant to their target audience. In the end, they were so happy with the result that they ordered an extra blog post plus license-free images specially designed for the posts. You can check the posts out below.


Helot Company INC

Helot Company blends traditional property management with modern and digital trends like gig & sharing economies, financial technology, and interactive communication to help property owners make the most of their real estate investments.

The people at Helot needed to kick start their company blog also, so they came to us. So far, we have helped Helot develop a working content strategy and informative blog posts discussing various aspects of the vacation rental market. Find out more below.

For more blog post samples from our copywriting team at Macaulay Gidado, please visit our blog page.