Time Tracking: Making Trello Work with Hubstaff

If your business is anything like Macaulay Gidado, then it relies on remote staff for more or less everything. Certainly you want to make sure that you aren’t paying more than you are getting from your remote workers. And you also want to make sure that your company is not spending too much time on a client’s project. Hubstaff and Trello are the time-tracking combo you need.

I mean, they work for us at Macaulay Gidado. My hope is that after this guide, you will be able to get them to work for your business too.

Of course, this all depends on what you want to achieve with the integration. I will start with the basics.

  • Track your employees: this entails what tasks they are working on and how much time they spend on each task.
  • Track your clients: that is, the collective time your organization spends on a client or the client’s project

These are the two main factors that determine how you prepare you Trello setup for Trello-Hubstaff integration.

Is your Trello set up properly for Hubstaff?

Hubstaff allows you to add projects. A project on Hubstaff equals a Trello board.

The table below shows how to set up your Trello, depending on whether you want to track your staff and clients’ projects or just your staff.

Time Tracking: Making Trello Work with Hubstaff

Of course, you want to seamlessly track both staff and clients. So below is what your Hubstaff and Trello setup should look like.

Time Tracking: Making Trello Work with Hubstaff
Time Tracking: Making Trello Work with Hubstaff


While you can also assign Trello boards to departments and recreate the departments as projects on Hubstaff, that setup will make tracking how much time your organization spends on a client extremely difficult.

Now that you have created Trello boards and Hubstaff projects using the configuration above, it’s time to connect the two. Or if you haven’t created any projects on Hubstaff, that’s no problem. Hubstaff will automatically create them for you at the end of the integration explained below.

Create a Trello Integration on Hubstaff

A Trello integration on Hubstaff allows you to connect your Trello team to your Hubstaff account. Please check out this how-to guide to learn how to create a Trello integration on Hubstaff.

Next, Link Your Trello boards to Hubstaff projects

At Macaulay Gidado help center, we have a step-by-step guide for linking Trello boards to Hubstaff projects. Here is the guide.

Next, connect your staff’s Trello to your organization’s Hubstaff-Trello Integration

Time tracking with Hubstaff won’t work unless your staff connect their Trello to your organization’s Trello integration on Hubstaff. Check out the guide at our help center.

If you have done everything discussed above properly, then it’s time to talk about Hubstaff time tracking works.

  • Each member of your team needs to download and install the Hubstaff time tracker.
  • On the tracker, they should be able to see projects they have been added to. These projects equal the Trello boards they are also a member of.
  • For effective time tracking, they shouldn’t track projects. They should rather press play on tasks under each project.
  • Tasks on Hubstaff = cards on Trello.
  • Hubstaff automatically imports Trello cards as tasks and file them under the projects linked with their respective boards
  • If a team member can’t find their assigned task under a project on Hubstaff, it means they are not added to the respective card on Trello. So they need to add themselves to the card and refresh their Hubstaff time tracker so the task can appear.

I hope this helps. Let me know what you think below.

This article also appeared on the Technopreneur. At Macaulay Gidado, we are all about helping entrepreneurs find success doing what they love. We evaluate your business and tell you what technologies can improve your processes. Visit our homepage to find out more.

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