Macaulay Gidado - What Makes Up a Successful Web Presence?
What Makes Up a Successful Web Presence?
To understand the question, you first need to understand what web presence actually means. This isn’t the time to go consulting Wikipedia because, for some absurd reason, they have the definition of web presence backwards on the site. Web presence, also called online presence or Internet presence, simply means your online penetration. This is the … Read more
How to choose a domain name for your business - Macaulay Gidado
How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business
When choosing a domain name for your business, you obviously want to get it right. A great domain name can make a big difference in your quest to make your business an online success. How then do you choose the right domain name? Many experts have come up with various tips on choosing a great … Read more
Protecting your personal online brand
Protecting Your Personal Brand Online: Important Things You Need to Know
Gone are the days when business owners and corporations are the only entities faced with protecting their online brands. That’s a truth that can’t be disputed. Individuals now need to protect their personal brand. Of course, it’s easy to imagine that, since you don’t own a business, there’s no brand to protect. However, instead of … Read more
Seven important questions to ask your prospective social media manager - Macaulay Gidado
Seven Important Questions to Ask Your Prospective Social Media Manager
Over the years, social media has grown to become a vital aspect of online marketing. It’s no longer just a place for people to make friends, share ideas, talk about what they ate the previous night, and so on. It is now also an avenue for content marketers, brands, salespeople to reach out to consumers … Read more
Ten Social Media Marketing Rules Every Business Needs to Adopt - Macaulay Gidado
Ten Social Media Marketing Rules Every Business Needs to Adopt
Experts have said it time and time again that in this digital age social media marketing is a vital aspect of marketing for businesses. The question is: why are many businesses not seeing tangible results in spite of their efforts to elevate their customer base and maximize sales through social media marketing? Success with social … Read more