Set up email alias for g suite email - Macaulay Gidado
Do You Know How to Setup an Email Alias on Your G Suite Email?
An email alias is basically an alternative email address (whether already assigned to a mailbox or not) that you can use to send out or reply to emails via your mail mailbox. Last time, I talked about how to configure catch-all routing on G Suite. Today, I will talk about setting up an email alias … Read more
Sign up for G Suite - Macaulay Gidado - Configure Catch-all Routing
Do You Know How to Configure Catch-All Routing on G Suite?
Well, I will show you how. First, let’s talk about what catch-all routing is and why you need it. A catch-all, also called a wild-card email address, refers to your chosen G Suite mailbox for catching all emails sent to any nonexistent email address on your domain, and it doesn’t matter if that nonexistent address … Read more