Four Ways to Keep Your Content Marketing Blog Up-to-Date

4 ways to keep your content marketing blog up-to-date

Every serious content marketer knows this truth. It’s getting harder to conceptualize original ideas pertaining to content marketing. This makes regular blog updates a Herculean Task.

The truth is: there are still a lot of untapped compelling ideas. It’s not just about using your imagination and putting more creativity into your posts. No. It’s also about your passion for content marketing and the reason behind your content marketing strategies.

Here are four ways you can maintain frequent updates of your content marketing blog without succumbing to despair.

Rediscover Your Passion for Content Marketing

Lack of passion. That’s where the problem lies.

They say content marketing generates leads and drives sales, but this isn’t true for most people in the business. Many are struggling unavailingly to come up with new ideas to talk about on their blogs.

A question you should ask yourself is: if you lack the passion to write a compelling post, how do you expect you audience to find the passion to read and enjoy it?

How do you find your passion?

The phrase, content marketing, alone suggests we are all in it for the money. That’s true. But there has to be a supporting reason, one that pulls you through the bad times when the money isn’t coming. It could be your need to get heard. It could also be your desire to help people.

Rediscover that reason. Perhaps it can help you restart your passion for content marketing.

Help People

If your passion is to help people, then leverage it. If not, learn to care about more than what you get out of content marketing. Why? Because focusing on just your gains can quickly turn into despair when your content marketing efforts aren’t yielding your expected results—this can hamper your zeal.

Content marketing concerns helping people. You help them acquaint themselves with certain subjects in the hope that the knowledge you pass on spurs them to make a decision about your product or service.

If you have knowledge or experience about a certain subject, share them. Use them as post ideas. If your expertise is beneficial, people will always show their appreciation, perhaps, by purchasing what you are selling.

Also, helping people comes with fulfillment, which can serve as inspiration for conceptualizing more post ideas.

Outsource Your Content

A lot of content marketers outsource their content. It’s just reasonable. Sometimes you may be overwhelmed or too busy with work to write. Forcing it can lead to further stress and frustration, and even when you manage to produce some content in that condition, the quality may be in question and would only jeopardise your readership.

This is why it is ideal to have another content writer on speed dial for emergencies.

Also, by hiring another content writer, you take advantage of other people’s expertise and introduce a new voice to your blog.

However, be sure to properly vet whoever you hire to ascertain they are passionate about your niche and are professional enough to follow your guidelines.

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Welcome Guest Posts

Publishing guest posts from other bloggers in your niche is another way of keeping your blog up to date even when you feel uninspired to write.

In addition, welcoming guest posts will not only help you introduce your readers to new voices and views. It will improve your site’s authority through link building too, since the guest writers will obviously link from their blogs to their guest posts on yours. This in turn channels more traffic to your website.

Still, you ought to have a ‘submission guideline’ page detailing the requirements you want guest posts on your blog to fulfil. That way you maintain a certain level of control over what appears on your blog and ensure they don’t go against your niche as well as your blogs goals and objectives.

Whatever you do, never fall below standards. Always aim to offer value, for it’s mostly with content that is valuable to your readers that your content marketing can yield the desired result.

Eight Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out

Eight Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out

With the number of blogs crowding the internet, it can be difficult to find your footing much less stand out in the content marketing world. However, with a simple set of rules, you can get your content to hover confidently above seventy-five percent of the multitude.

Successful companies like Amazon and The Huffington Post abide by these rules and, because of that, have seen immeasurable success.

Why can’t you?

Since you have read up to this point, there’s no reason you too can’t experience that level of success. You just have to immerse yourself and your content in the tips below.

Find Your Niche and Be Original

Maybe you aren’t plagiarizing someone else’s content, but originality goes beyond not copying and pasting. Discover your niche and expand on it. Being original doesn’t only help you rank better on search engines like Google, but helps you build integrity and reliability also.

Be Brief and to the Point

With the amount of information on the internet, the average person has the attention span of an undisciplined dog. When you now consider other parts of our lives — our jobs, chores, relationships — you begin to see why it’s paramount for your audience to easily find what brought them to your page. Dawdle over getting your points across and you will lose your spell on them.

Create Attention-grabbing Content

Give your audience something to take away from every post. Is your blog about horses? Strategically placing a new horse training or grooming tip in every post can go a long way in engaging your audience. It’s like waiting for the next episode of Game of Thrones. Your audience knows you are going to post a new tip next week and they can’t wait.

Use Captivating Titles

Some people say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but the truth is that we all do that every day. It’s the way the world works. A great title is like the beautiful wrapping around a Christmas present. Make it a promise, a mystery, a question that identifies with your audience…

Your First Sentence Matters

If your first sentence doesn’t resonate with a reader, that reader will most likely click away to a YouTube video or something else. The bad news is: it doesn’t end there. Your subsequent sentences have to matter also and build on one another.

Update Regularly with Fresh Content

If you want regular traffic to your site, whether via search engines or word of mouth, you ought to post, not just regularly, but new ideas that satisfy your niche also.

Now, think of your website as a TV series. Every week you release a new episode that further explores the world and characters. In this case, you post great, new content that explores your niche. This is what leaves them coming back.

White Space is Good

It forces you to use short paragraphs. No-one wants to read a massive lump of words because it’s tiring to the eye and brain. Using white space efficiently creates a sort of ‘pause’ for the reader, as in stopping after a distance to catch your breath. Here is a good example of an excellent use of white space.

Use Video and Audio

Some people favor watching videos to reading, and a good audio can be useful to folk who are extremely busy. A mother, who wouldn’t read while cooking, just might decide to listen to your podcast instead.

There you have it. Stick to these rules and the many others across the internet, and your content may yet rise above its peers.

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