Mistakes Businesses Make When Setting Up a Website - Macaulay Gidado
Mistakes Businesses Make When Setting Up a Website
Okay, I’m not going to drone about the usual stuff you are likely to find online when you Google this topic. You know, points like “failing to customize your theme”, “forgetting to make your business site responsive”, “not implementing a good SEO strategy”, “poor navigation”, “using too many pop-ups”, blah, blah, blah… I’m not trying … Read more
Nine-Ways-to-Boost-Your-Company-Websites-Credibility - Macaulay Gidado
Nine Ways to Boost Your Company Website’s Credibility
Trust will always play an important role in the purchase decisions of consumers. The questions are: How reliable are you? Do your prospective customers trust you? What does you track record say about you? And ultimately, does your website engender trust in your leads? When consumers don’t trust you, good luck selling your product, and … Read more