Macaulay Gidado - What Makes Up a Successful Web Presence?
What Makes Up a Successful Web Presence?
To understand the question, you first need to understand what web presence actually means. This isn’t the time to go consulting Wikipedia because, for some absurd reason, they have the definition of web presence backwards on the site. Web presence, also called online presence or Internet presence, simply means your online penetration. This is the … Read more
4 ways to keep your content marketing blog up-to-date
Four Ways to Keep Your Content Marketing Blog Up-to-Date
Every serious content marketer knows this truth. It’s getting harder to conceptualize original ideas pertaining to content marketing. This makes regular blog updates a Herculean Task. The truth is: there are still a lot of untapped compelling ideas. It’s not just about using your imagination and putting more creativity into your posts. No. It’s also … Read more