How to Design and Develop a Great Brand Identity
Last time, we talked about what brand identity is and isn’t. You can read the post here. Talking about brand identity without mentioning ‘design’ is like talking about a building without including its foundation. This doesn’t mean that brand identity ends in design. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t. The job of a great … Read more
What brand identity is and isn't - Macaulay Gidado
What Brand Identity Is and Isn’t
Before we dive into the topic brand identity, let’s try a more familiar question: what makes up your public image? A typical answer can entail a host of things, from your sense of fashion to how you behave in public. These all come together to make up your public image or personal identity. Brand Identity … Read more
Seven important questions to ask your prospective social media manager - Macaulay Gidado
Seven Important Questions to Ask Your Prospective Social Media Manager
Over the years, social media has grown to become a vital aspect of online marketing. It’s no longer just a place for people to make friends, share ideas, talk about what they ate the previous night, and so on. It is now also an avenue for content marketers, brands, salespeople to reach out to consumers … Read more
Seven things you can do with your domain name - Macaulay Gidado
Seven Things You Can Do with Your Domain Name
When people say they need a domain name, the first thought that comes to mind is, “they want to set up a website”. While that may be appropriate, a domain name can do much more. Are you holding off on registering a domain name? Perhaps because you are not quite sure what to do with … Read more
6-Reasons-People-Leave-Your-Website - Macaulay Gidado
6 Reasons People Leave Your Website
The Internet is swarming with information—some great, some not. With a few keywords and a click of the mouse, a reader can easily compel the search engine to display thousands of results related to their research. Each result, belonging to one website or another, is competing with the others for the reader’s attention. This means … Read more
Eight Benefits of Professional Web Design - Macaulay Gidado
Eight Benefits of Professional Web Design
Quality web design is the building block of great websites and thus is an invaluable investment for any company looking to establish its online presence. An excellent design will cost between a few thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars—sometimes even millions for hefty websites—depending on the features and the type of website. The big … Read more
Ten Social Media Marketing Rules Every Business Needs to Adopt - Macaulay Gidado
Ten Social Media Marketing Rules Every Business Needs to Adopt
Experts have said it time and time again that in this digital age social media marketing is a vital aspect of marketing for businesses. The question is: why are many businesses not seeing tangible results in spite of their efforts to elevate their customer base and maximize sales through social media marketing? Success with social … Read more
Create a Home for Your Marketing Offers - Macaulay Gidado
Why You Need a Landing Page for Your Business
A Landing page is simply a web page for capturing the information of visitors that land on the page. It typically does this through a conversion form, also known as a lead-capture form. A good landing page does the following: Targets a specific audience For instance, leads from a pay-per-click ad, traffic from an email … Read more
Five Powerful Tips That Will Help You Generate Sales Leads Online - Macaulay Gidado
Five Powerful Tips That Will Help You Generate Sales Leads Online
With many businesspeople desperate to grow their companies on the internet, the number of options on generating leads and sales online has escalated. Worse, most of them amount to nothing. Of course, there is no one proper way to generate leads and sales online. What works for one businessperson may not work for another, and … Read more
Eight Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out
Eight Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out
With the number of blogs crowding the internet, it can be difficult to find your footing much less stand out in the content marketing world. However, with a simple set of rules, you can get your content to hover confidently above seventy-five percent of the multitude. Successful companies like Amazon and The Huffington Post abide … Read more
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