Employee Retention: Happy Employees Are Good for Business - Macaulay Gidado
Employee Retention: Happy Employees Are Good for Business
People are the engine that powers businesses. Of course, this isn’t breaking news. The problem is that we all talk about it more often than we show it. Anyway, “people”, in this case, can be your employees or customers. Today, I’m going to talk about your employees and what it means to foster a healthy … Read more
Seven Reasons to Move Team Communication to Slack
Seven Reasons to Move Team Communication to Slack
Slack ranks among the hottest next-generation communication and collaboration tools out there. You can most certainly say that the mission of the people behind the app is to change the way people communicate at work. It doesn’t matter what industry or niche you work in. Slack is virtually all-encompassing in application. If there’s a limit … Read more
Set up email alias for g suite email - Macaulay Gidado
Do You Know How to Setup an Email Alias on Your G Suite Email?
An email alias is basically an alternative email address (whether already assigned to a mailbox or not) that you can use to send out or reply to emails via your mail mailbox. Last time, I talked about how to configure catch-all routing on G Suite. Today, I will talk about setting up an email alias … Read more
Sign up for G Suite - Macaulay Gidado - Configure Catch-all Routing
Do You Know How to Configure Catch-All Routing on G Suite?
Well, I will show you how. First, let’s talk about what catch-all routing is and why you need it. A catch-all, also called a wild-card email address, refers to your chosen G Suite mailbox for catching all emails sent to any nonexistent email address on your domain, and it doesn’t matter if that nonexistent address … Read more
How-to-Keep-Your-Marketing-Emails-Out-of-Your-Subscribers-Spam-Folders - Macaulay Gidado
How to Keep Your Marketing Emails Out of Your Subscribers’ Spam Folders
Many businesses incorporate email marketing in their promotional and marketing strategy. But very few are seeing tangible results. Why is that? The simplest and most reasonable answer is that your targeted audience isn’t engaging with your emails. And when a subscriber doesn’t find your emails engaging, the easiest way to get rid of you is … Read more
Eight Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out
Eight Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out
With the number of blogs crowding the internet, it can be difficult to find your footing much less stand out in the content marketing world. However, with a simple set of rules, you can get your content to hover confidently above seventy-five percent of the multitude. Successful companies like Amazon and The Huffington Post abide … Read more